Hi there,

My name is Ruby Teppanta. My original name is Prapaipan, and now you can probably guess where this website name came from.

In 2020, I started moving to a career in UX design. The more I was diving into it, the more I liked it. It felt so amazing when you can apply your creative approach for building user interfaces and concentrating on how exactly my users would feel about those interfaces and solutions, trying to put myself in their shoes to see their needs and pain points. My drawing passion complemented my UI skills, so the creativity that I expressed in my drawings helped me build more sophisticated user interfaces for my clients.

Being a UI/UX specialist is a never-ending self-improvement process. To improve, I learn and research a lot, and I also help local businesses to enhance their user experience and digital presence by applying UX methods. It is a good practice for me and a UI/UX specialist, and a way to get more connections.

If you are interested in my work, please feel free to check them on my website. And if you want to see my drawings, you can see them here.