Receptioner is a cloud-based system for managing clients and online appointments for Spa and Beauty salons, Barbershops, etc.

Our goal is to make the engagement between our clients and their customer easier and more straightforward. We are happy when our clients have their customers happy.

The product is now live and can be found at

The system is designed for two different user groups - shops and their customers.

Receptioner - connecting shops with their customers


The system should be easy to use for the shop yet providing all necessary features to manage and set up the business as required.

No matter how many staff members a shop has and how many service they provide, their customers should be able to make a booking in just several clicks having all information well presented. We listen to both sides and constantly improve as we go.


Receptioner - connecting shops with their customers Receptioner - connecting shops with their customers for mobile


1. Customers find difficult to find a service to book using image carousel when a shop has lots of services available.

2. Both shops and their customers use the app mainly on mobile, but the initial design was made as Desktop first.

3. The process of creating a booking by shops is hard and not obvious with the steps they need to perform


1. Organising services in groups and making expandable blocks with list or services make customer find desired items easier.

2. The whole design is now mobile-first with accent on mobile apps rather than responsive website design, and it consists of reusable blocks that can be combined for a desktop version.

3. Conducting user interviews gave us a lot of feedback. Implementing what the most important for system users (reducing number of steps taken to create a booking and giving more flexibility) made it possible to significantly improve the process.


Left spiral Right spiral
Client Booking 1 Client Booking 2 Client Booking 3 Client Booking 4 Client Booking 5 Client Booking 6 Client Booking 7

see my prototype here


Shop Booking 1 Shop Booking 2 Shop Booking 3 Shop Booking 4 Shop Booking 5 Shop Booking 6 Shop Booking 7 Shop Booking 8